• 14.07.14 Obesity negatively influences women salary

    A new study from the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services' Department of Health Policy (GW) showed the salary difference between people of normal weight and those who are obese, especially in women. Person's salary depends on weight.

    The scientists examined 2004 and 2008 years in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth to identify obesity-attributable salary d...

  • 09.07.14 'Hunter Gathers' diet against the Obesity

    People on a diet of high protein and plenty of vegetables show startling health improvements, including weight loss without exercising profusely and lower blood pressure. It is the diet of our caveman ancestors thousands of years ago who were what is called "Hunter Gathers".

    Researchers say that the constant physical activity that cavemen had to undertake to hunt and find food, not to mention cutt...

  • 06.07.14 Startling results: Obesity causes over 100,000 cancers per year

    The Researchers from the American Institute for Cancer Research reported that more than 100,000 cancer cases in the U.S. are associated with excess body fat but most of them are preventable.

    Results showed that the main type of obesity-associated with cancers is endometrial cancer, followed by esophageal, pancreatic and kidney cancers, among others. Increased body fat is linked to:

    • ...
  • 29.06.14 Nicotine 'obesity drug' will be real.

    “Smokers will soon be able to stub out their habit – without having to worry about piling on the pounds,” reported the Daily Mirror. It said that “scientists have discovered how nicotine suppresses the appetite and they can develop drugs to help people quit without consequences of addition of weight”.

    This research involved a series of complex scientific experiments in mice. The scie...

  • 23.06.14 Children and the teenager have excess weight

    Children and the teenagers having excess weight, are inclined to eat more as usual, if nearby there are suffering adiposity friends. To such conclusion researchers from University of New York in Buffalo had come (State University of New York at Buffalo), the USA, Reuters reports.

    Invention has been made during the experiment: scientists have parted on groups of 23 full and 42 normal children and ...