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  • 15.04.14 More than 20% of American adults take medicines for mental disorders

    Today more than 20% of Americans have taken medication for mental conditions like anxiety or depression. The use of drugs for psychiatric and behavioral disorders rose 22% from 2001.

    According to Medco Health Solutions, the number of women aged 20-44 who are taking medicines for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has shot up sharply from 2001 to 2012. ADHD prescriptions for older wo...

  • 15.04.14 It’s not a good idea to lose weight by crash dieting

    Scientists at J. Paul Sticht Center on Aging and Rehabilitation said that resorting to crash dieting for losing weight is not a good idea, as eventually the body tries its best to regain the lost fat stores.

    In their study the scientists evaluated 78 postmenopausal women with an average age of 58-years who had lost 12% of their weight as part of the study from a dieting program. As a result, olde...

  • 14.04.14 Special blood test may identify the risk of postnatal depression

    By checking for specific genetic variants it is possible to identify which women are more likely to have postnatal depression (PND).

    About 1 in 7 women who give birth suffer from PND, which normally starts in two weeks after childbirth.

    Researchers examined 200 pregnant women for PND using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Score (EPDS) once during their first visit to the ante-natal clinic...

  • 14.04.14 Chinese herb kudzu may be useful in the treatment of alcoholism

    According to a new research, an extract of the Chinese herb kudzu greatly reduces drinking and may be useful in the treatment of alcoholism and curbing binge drinking.

    Researchers studied one of the major components of the kudzu root - the isoflavone puerarin - to determine whether it would reduce alcohol consumption in a laboratory simulation of an afternoon drinking session.

    David Peneta...

  • 13.04.14 Eat healthy food to stay cool this summer!

    Doctors advise to eat a special summer diet consisting of light and healthy food to ensure a cool mind and body.

    Ritika Samadar, chief dietician at Max Hospital, said that fluids with electrolytes like coconut water and lemonade should be consumed. Oily foods such as pizzas, burgers should be avoided.

    Vijai K.S. Shukla, chairperson, Omega 3 Council of India, says that vegetables with h...